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Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA)

APA2The Annual Pastoral Appeal is a centralized campaign designed to give each of the Diocese's 81 parishes and missions every opportunity to reach their maximum potential. It is meant to be a resource to educate our faithful on their parish's share of our larger Diocesan Church.

Through an assessment, every parish and mission is required to support our diocesan operations, services and ministries that in turn meet the physical, educational and spiritual needs of thousands throughout our five county faith community that one parish could not meet alone. This allows each one of us, as one, united in faith, to fulfill God's call to spread the good news and to love and serve one another.

Our Lord Jesus Christ calls each one of us to be generous in thought, word and deed. He teaches us that in the measure we give, we also receive. Every Catholic is invited and encouraged to make a commitment to Christ's ministry through the mission of our Church here in the Diocese of St. Petersburg.

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 From the desk of Father Len...

My Friends in Christ,
As you are aware, our fair share assessment in this year’s Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA) is $364,814. My sincere thanks to all of you who have already participated in the $245,075 pledged so far. However, since Spring of this year, I have spoken at several Masses about our Annual Pastoral Appeal that provides each of us the opportunity to touch, with charity, the lives of families struggling through pain and suffering, women facing an unplanned pregnancy, care for the elderly, students seeking a Catholic school education, and persons of all ages pursuing a deeper understanding of the Catholic faith. Additionally, your APA contributions will be used in support of our seminarians and diaconate candidates that are being formed for ordination to the priesthood and the diaconate.
We are in the second half of the 2016 APA effort. The good news is we are ahead of where we were last year and 2014 year-to-date. Unfortunately I am sad to say that we are still $119,739 short of our assessment. Our assessment of $364,814 must be paid regardless of the gifts pledged by our parishioners to APA. If we don’t meet our goal, we must use our offertory collections for any shortfall we might have. Taking offertory funds to pay for our shortfall, impairs our ability to fund parish ministries and activities such as our youth ministry and other faith formation programs. If we exceed our goal, all money collected above our assessment returns to the parish for use in parish ministries.
If you are one of the 684 families that have supported the Annual Pastoral Appeal, I thank you and if your personal circumstances allow, ask you to prayerfully consider increasing your level of support. The hundreds of thousands of people whose lives have been transformed through your contributions also thank you. Your gift educates young people, cares for the homeless and hungry, inspires vocations, puts into practice our Catholic faith, and advocates on behalf of the dignity of every person. This is an undertaking of efforts by the Diocese to accomplish what none of our individual parishes could do alone.
If you have not had the opportunity to support these ministries please consider a donation to help us attain our assessment which must be paid to the diocese. A return envelope is enclosed or you may use our APA button on the WeShare on-line giving page by clicking on the icon found on our web homepage.
Please, please, if you can, help us carry on the mission of Jesus as a diocesan family. The success of this appeal is dependent upon ALL the people of our parish.

Together with you in ministry,

Father Len Piotrowski

"Where we stand as a Parish 2016 APA"

Your gift to the Annual Pastoral Appeal is needed,
appreciated and well used.


To demonstrate your spirit of thanks and
gratitude to God for all His many gifts to you.

To give thanks to God for your faith, your
ability, your health and your family.

To give outward proof of what your Catholic
faith means to you through your example of
personal sacrifice.

To share the spiritual and temporal blessings
that come to those who assist in developing God's work.


Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2014-2015

2016 APA Update

Let the Espiritu Santo
Parish Family be known
not for what it has,
but what it gives...

To date , our parish has
received gifts or pledges
from 684 families out of 4085
registered households.

We are short $119,000
of our $365,000 goal.


No gift is too small and
every gift makes a difference!


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