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Do you feel called to serve?

I get phone calls asking about volunteering for the Sick and Homebound Ministry. People want to know how they can decide if they are worthy to serve Communicants in the Home or in facilities. If we reflect on ministry, we realize that it involves more than doing a kind deed, it is a response to our Baptismal Call to spread the mission of Our Lord. It is a way to reach out to those unable to attend Mass. But they continue to ask, "how do I know that I am worthy to carry the Lord to others"? Honesty, none of us are worthy, but we are made worthy through His grace. "I have the strength for everything through Him who empowers me" (Phil. 4:13). We have training and formation sessions where we will share with you how we serve the Lord in this ministry. Don't worry there are specific prayers for you to follow, you don't have to "wing" it and we will send someone with you after your training to guide you in how it is done. Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion to the Sick and Homebound will tell you that they receive so much more than they give in this ministry. If you have any questions, why don't you give me a call at the Church Office. I am planning a training and formation session. Blessings, Karen

Welcome to Pastoral Care

Hello everyone, welcome to the new website. We are very excited to have an interactive website and hope that you will join us as we learn together how to use this exciting medium in our faith journey. What type of things would you like to see on the website? Why don't you send me an email and let me know. Please know that I will respond online to any email that has a phone number and name. Blessings, Karen.

Come Away and Rest

Ministry is about serving others while living out our Baptismal call.  Our model for ministry is Christ and He reminds us that we need time to come away and rest.  Time to refresh  and re-energize.  A friend of mine declared: Karen, if you don't go to the well and refresh yourself you will have nothing to give anyone else.  Any time I ignore this advice and run on empty so to speak, I find myself stressed. Jesus said, "Come away to a lonely place and rest a while" Mark 6:31  Jesus had much to accomplish, but recognized the importance of being refreshed with prayer and quiet time.   Between cell phones and email that follow you everywhere it is a challenge to find any quiet time.  But if we follow the ministry model of Our Lord we will make time, even if it means getting up earlier to do so.  Everything we do is derived out of our relationship with God, we need to slow down and take the time to rest and refresh if we are to carry out our mission.   Thank you for your ministry, please take care of yourself so that you can continue to witness to others that we are the Body of Christ reaching out to each other.  If you have any questions about Pastoral Care,  please contact c7e308c70f190c0de4c9140810131b16e11208190c15e70c1a171019101b1c1a08151b16d50a0ac9c71b08190e0c1be4c9060913081512c9e5f208190c15c7ef0c08170f20e3d608e5c7cd15091a17e2081bc7ded9ded5ded9ddd5dfdbdeded3c71fdad8d7c7 6gWPaQeFkCxIspZfWS5mn8cduhQCptow caesar This page part is protected against spam bots and web crawlers. In order to be displayed you need to enable Javascript in your browser, and then reload the page.  

Moving In Spirit Serving Others Needs (MISSON)

Attending a mission inspires and causes one to think.  The first part of the mission with John Angotti has done just that.  John has asked us to step back and look at ourselves and the world we live in.  To explore how we serve others.  Do we serve others as Jesus served others?  Do we reach out to the homeless, sick and outcasts or do we stay in our comfort zone.  Have we listened to the response God has for us after we pray the Lord's prayer or are we so busy praying we don't hear what the Lord has to say to us.  Last night at the concert, John had us singing and praising God. It was a joyful experience and there was such a sense of community.  Looking around, you could see the smilling faces filled with spirit as young and old together sang out the praises to our Lord.  Watching Father Joseph and the Youth, swing back and forth, praising God filled me with lightness.   As we locked arms together and prayed the Lord's Prayer my heart and spirit soared.   We can be joyful and share our faith.  But what does that mean exactly?

 This morning we started to dig deeper into what it means to live our faith.   John has asked us some tough questions such as " if we pray what we believe, do we live what we believe"?  Where have you seen God today?  How have we touched someone as Jesus touched the leper in this week's Gospel? (Mk.1:40-45).  How do we take that light and spirit we experienced in the mission out the door and share it with others.   Each one of us has been given different gifts, and different ways to share our light.  We each need to reflect on these questions, to take them in prayer and share them as Jesus has shared with us.

What are some of your thoughts on the mission?  Why not share them with us in the message boards?

If you haven't had a chance to come to the mission yet, there is a session Monday evening at 7PM and a morning Tuesday session at 9:30 AM and Tuesday evening session at 7PM.   Come join us, it is not only about questions, but about sharing our joy and praise that we believe and have faith.  

Ministry Musings

Tomorrow we welcome Father Joseph Musco to our parish family! I was thinking about that as I lit the oil lamp before my meditation in our little chapel at home this morning. As the flame grew, fed by the oil soaking into the wick, my thoughts "wandered" to the unique "light of Christ" that each of our Parochial Vicars have brought to our family of faith over the years of my ministry here.  I smiled to think of each of them...how different they all were...how God blessed us through them...how God revealed something of himself through each of their unique gifts...how the "flame" of their love and dedication to Jesus Christ lit the path for us and encouraged us on our journey. So we welcome Father Joseph and anticipate with joy the ways that God will bless us through his ministry among us and the ways that God will bless and support him through each of us: our prayers, our presence, our commitment to the life and love that Espiritu Santo Catholic Community is.

Rejoicing in God's goodness...until next time...Be-blessed! Sr. Paula

Ministry Musings

Today is the First Friday of August. I just returned from being away most of July in Kansas with my family, and Ohio with my community. This morning while I was praying in our convent chapel, I wrote the following and decided to share it with you. You may think it's too poetic to be realistic, but here it is for whatever it's worth:

Rain is once again fiercely pounding the newly painted deck and soaking our already drenched flower garden and filling the pool which is ready to overflow again, and I find myself thinking, "Don't get me wrong, Lord, I'm grateful, but will this ever end? Enough already!" Then I watch a tiny slice of sun at the horizon struggling to rise up in spite of the downpour and darkness.  The sky above is split: black and pinkish white... thickening mist and relentless rain together make a misty veil with indistinguishable shapes of bushes, trees and houses beyond...nothing is clear, but I do know what's there...just can't see it right now. The barely visible sun continues to rise and break through...time passes, the rain slows and stops, stillness settles over the landscape. I look for a rainbow. There is none, but the sky is glowing with brilliant light. A new day! And I believe that once again our good God has spoken his never failing word of encouragement, hope and promise to each of us:  "Behold, I have overcome the world, and I am with you all days until the end." God is faithful! Rejoice!

Until next time! Sr. Paula (it's good to be home)


9/11 Ministry Musings

The "footprints" of the Twin Towers haunt me. From an aerial view they appear like two great open wounds, and I wonder if they will ever be healed. They speak of so much deep, searing loss that is still felt today. They speak of so many innocent lives brutally and senselessly snuffed out a full decade ago. The vacant spaces have been memorialized with cascading waterfalls, gardens and the names of those who died that day. And so these are sacred spaces. The night views are stunning. The absent towers become vibrant beams of light stretching from gound zero into the heavens and back again, and in these unwavering streams we are reminded that God was there, that God is there and that God will always be there, shining against the darkest of nights, reminding us that yes, there was immense loss, but there was also immense love. Etched in my memory are scenes of first responders bathed in a toxic dust that would eventually claim some of their lives, leading strangers to safety again and again, digging through broken steel and stone with their bare hands, searching...so many going in and never coming out...so much loss and so much love. "There is no greater love than this, that a man would lay down his life for others." (Jesus) And above it all the great steel cross rose from the ruins with our flag nearby. We grieve still, but we have hope and life because we have God. And is this not what our ministry is all about. We "become what we receive" in every ministry, we give the Life and Love of Jesus Christ to every person. Today at a memorial Mass for Kevin McQuade, who lost his life because of the toxic dust he breathed week after week at ground zero, we will sing in the Responsorial Psalm 23: "You have set me a banquet of love, in the face of hatred, crowning me with love beyond my power to hold." May we rise together in love. Be-blessed this day and always! Until next time. Sr. Paula

Ministry Musings

Today is the official first day of summer, the beginning of a new season! Happy summer to everyone!  I was thinking about seasons this morning and about how they are one of God's gifts for "starting over". Seasons bring newness...expectations...plans...possibilities. Last night's FAST meeting here at ES did just that!  What a meeting it was! It brought together people of wide diversity to accomplish one goal. For a couple of hours we were a true community...Muslims, Jews, Christians of all denominations, all ages, all walks of life, all levels of physical vitality. We were a community because we shared ONE vision, ONE life-giving purpose rooted in the mission of Jesus to "lift the burdens" of our suffering brothers and sisters. The whole experience felt llike another Pentecost! God's Spirit setting us all on fire to make Pinellas County a place of hope...to give individuals and families another chance at life. And you know, even after the meeting ended and everyone returned to their own homes, that sense of community lingers in my heart. I am so grateful for every man, woman and child who was there last night. The evening was a living testimony to God's love...a great witness to the Kingdom of God, alive on this earth. We could have most appropriately ended the meeting with: "Go in peace to love and serve the Lord and one another!"  Until next time...Be-Blessed! Sr. Paula 

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