The gift of love and life-long commitment that a man and woman share in the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony is a physical sign that assists those of us called to the married life to experience the all embracing, gratuitous love that God has for us. It is through this love that the children of this union also learn of God’s love.

Christian marriage is a personal relationship of life giving love in which man and woman make the love of Christ present to each other and become a sign of the love of Christ to those around them. In marriage, the relationship of the couple is the sacrament that reveals the love of God for his people. Jesus taught his disciples about marriage see Mark 10:6-9 as an example. It is by discovering what love really means and being faithful to it that married Christians come closer to Christ and show something of Christ’s love to others. Founded on God’s giving of god’s self, married love is based on giving. Total loving means total giving. It is our hope and prayer that love will produce love. God’s forgiveness for us is reflected in the way a couple reconciles their differences, forgive hurts and heal each other. Their willingness to heal each other again and again is an example of the desire for reconciliation that God has for us. Love is faithful. God’s faithfulness to people is evident in the commitment a couple makes to love each other for a lifetime. God’s love is passionate and joyful and intimate; and it is relected in the couple’s passion for each other. The intimacy enjoyed in marriage is sexual, emotional and spiritual. Because they share in God’s creative love a couple is privileged to share in the most exalted part of God’s creative work – the creation of another human being. Their generosity and love is surely a reflection of the Creator’s love when God first brought the world into being. It is impossible to totally understand the oneness of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. But it is possible to recognize the strength and beauty of a couple who is truly one. Each person is distinct and yet together they are a more complete whole.

Because marriage is a sacramental relationship of the utmost importance to the community and the Church, Espiritu Santo provides a Marriage Preparation Program for engaged couples.