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New Member FAQ

Welcome to the faith community of Espiritu Santo. We'd love to tell you about our vibrant, faith filled community. Take a few minutes to explore our website and learn more about our vibrant, faith filled community of catholic Christians. It is our hope that you will continue your faith journey with us.

Why become a member? As humans we desire to belong.  Community is a vital aspect of our personhood.  Within a faith community, membership enables you to take ownership and to invest yourself in the life of the Church in a new way.

How do I become a member? New Member Welcome gatherings for families wishing to beome members of our faith community are typically held on the second Saturday of each month. For up-to-date times, location and dates check the parish bulletin or website. No need to call ahead just come as you are. And, by the way, infants and children are always welcome. Meetings are held in the John Bosco Center on the east side of the church campus at 11:00 am. 

Q & A
1)  Why do I need to come to a meeting to register?
It’s a short gathering of 40-45 minutes with refreshments where you are able to meet, greet and get to know other newbies, existing members, the pastor and some of the staff. Here you will get orientated to the parish community and culture through a multi-media presentation and receive a folder of information about your new parish community.  Infants and children are ALWAYS WELCOMED!
2)  When will my envelopes start?cross2
In about 2-3 weeks time.
3)  Can I sign up for Automatic Offertory Giving then?
4) Can I get my child’s baptism process started then?
Yes. You can find out more information at the Baptism Preparation page.
5) Can I register my child for Religious Education then?
No. Simply call their office at 727.812.4656.  Registering first in the community is a prerequisite.  Find out more about Religious Education.
6)  I’ve been asked to be a (Baptism/Confirmation) sponsor, can I get my letter of verification then?
Becoming a sponsor/Godparent is a very vital ministry within the Church and one which requires first, an understanding of that role, then to be “living” that life.  By registering you are “refreshing “ that vow of your baptism to be active in your faith.  Sponsorship letters are available in the office following registration and participation.


“This in not the parish we live closest to, but we were attracted to Espiritu Santo because it made us feel welcome and the parish is alive and has lots of activities and life! They start getting the kids involved early, and continue engaging them all through the years.  It’s family oriented and its nice to see the kids and what they do in school.” -Sandy and David Brown, members since 2003
“You come to one mass here and you see the care they put into the liturgy and it makes it a wonderful experience.”  –Frank McEwen, member since 1998
“I attended a daily Mass on a Wednesday. I was pleasantly surprised when the pews were filled with Espiritu Santo students. It brought tears to my eyes, watching the students perform all the assisting roles of the Mass.”  -Cindy Hutzler, member since Nov 2010 

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