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Resurrection Singers

ResSingersThe Resurrection Singers are vocalists who share their gift of music with the assembly gathered to celebrate the life of a deceased loved one. The choir's presence at Funerals and Memorial Masses will encourage the assembly to participate more fully in the celebration of the liturgy and, as members of the parish community, offer comfort and healing to those who are grieving.


Volunteer Position     Music Minister/Vocalist
Required of the Volunteer   Ability to sing, compassion for the grieving.
Experience Necessary   Previous choral experience is preferred, but not required.
Training Required   Training/Rehearsals will be scheduled as needed to learn and/or review music.
Time Commitment:   1-2 hours/funeral.  Choir will gather 30 minutes prior to funeral to warm-up and review music selections.  Music Ministers will not be expected to sing at every funeral.
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