Parish Life


Baby BaptismParishioners should call the church office at least two months in advance to register for preparation class. Baptisms are scheduled for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sunday at 1:30 p.m. Baptisms are not celebrated during Lent.

Adults who have not been baptized are invited to call 5e7a9f5ea6b0a3a47b60ab9fa7aab2ad78a2a39fa1adacb1b2a3b4a3ac7ea3b1aea7b0a7b2b3b19facb2ad6ca1a1605eb29fb0a5a3b27b609da0aa9faca9607c82a39fa1adac5e91b2a3b4a3ac5e85a7b09fb0a2a77a6d9f7c5e9fb25e7570756c7570746c767275755eb6716f6f 1vCNju8BvaxXZZy8ikLuHs5pcjIO9l8j caesar This page part is protected against spam bots and web crawlers. In order to be displayed you need to enable Javascript in your browser, and then reload the page. .