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Anointing of the Sick

Anointing of the sick

Jesus was concerned not only about people’s spiritual health but also their physical health. By healing people’s bodies as well as their souls, Jesus showed that the entire human body is touched by God’s salvation. The Gospel of Mark (see 6:13) makes it clear that Jesus shared his healing ministry with his apostles. James 5: 14-15 tells us of the early church’s ministry to the sick including anointing with oil, prayer and forgiveness of sins. 
Anointing should be received in the early stages of any serious illness so that those who are sick may participate with full conscious faith and devotion and experience the love of Christ in the healing and comfort of this sacrament. If you are going to the hospital, for surgery or have a major change in your health, please take the time to attend the communal anointing at our Saturday 8:30 am Mass or at the Sick and Homebound Mass on the 2nd Thursday of the month at 11am. You may also ask the priest after any Mass to anoint you or call the parish office for an appointment.

When you or a loved one are admitted to a health facility, nursing home or hospital, please notify their administration that you would like to be visited by a priest. Because of federal confidentiality laws we are unable to visit anyone without being asked. Upon admission to Countryside Mease Hospital, let the Chaplain's office know you wish to be visited, by calling 727.725.6111. In rehab facilities or nursing homes it is usually the activities director or administrator you must inform. Each parish serves the facilities in their area, so even if you attend one that is not close to Espiritu Santo, you should be visited by the parish responsible for that area.



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