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Electronic Giving

The parish has a better solution to make donating simple and easy, while at the same time keeping the process safe and secure. We Share online giving is available for parishioners who would like to make online donations to our weekly offerings, as well as other parish collections and future events. This technology is being utliized for the well-being and growth of our parish community.

This will allow you to set up a recurring weekly or monthly payment offertory payment, or allocate different amounts for our different collections, and view complete, accurate financial records at any time. Those who wish to continue to use traditional methods of offering may do so, however, we ask that you prayerfully consider We Share online giving.

Benefits for the parishioner are:

  • No need to write checks
  • Credit Card Reward Programs
  • Safe and secure
  • You can give even if you are unable to attend services
  • You can easily adjust your contribution amount anytime

Benefits for the parish include:

  • No check processing fees
  • More accurate and timely budgeting
  • Reduced processing labor
  • More consistent giving with recurring contributions
  • Online donation summaries for record keeping
  • Reaches a wider demographic of givers
  • Can accommodate all special parish collections and missions

In the event you have been giving electronically through OnLine Giving, our previous processor, please use this link to remove your account once you have established your new account through We Share.

If you have any questions about the program or about setting up your account, please don't hesitate to call Tim Bergevin at 727.726.8477 x326 in the parish office. FAQ ( Frequently Asked Questions)

If you would like to sign up, please click the icon.  WeShareESlogoV2

Legacy Society Frequently Asked Questions


Life Planning Seminars

From time to time the Church provides Life Planning Seminars for end of life issues. Please check the bulletin for upcoming seminars.

Espiritu Santo Legacy Society

LogoThe Espiritu Santo Legacy Society celebrates parishioners who will complete their life's journey with a lasting gift to assure the financial strength of our parish and school. Simply stated, Legacy Society gifts are commitments made today, completed in the future, often at the donor's passing or over a long period of time. Recognizing everything we have is a gift from God, Legacy Society members pledge their financial support to Espiritu Santo Catholic Church and School in perpetuity. Serving and strengthening our parish for eternity.

The Espiritu Santo Legacy Society is a way to honor and inspire those who make a legacy gift to our parish by inclusion in their will or another type of legacy gift like a Charitable Gift Annuity. Our Legacy Society will provide three primary benefits to the parish:

  • Services to the Parish: Through education and appropriate professional referrals, staff and lay leaders will help parishioners to put their estate in order and take care of such important things as advanced medical directives. Seminars will be held with expert speakers and information provided regularly. Nationally, 50% of people die without a will. That can be disastrous for the surviving loved ones. The Espiritu Santo Legacy Society will help its parishioners to be thoughtful about their final affairs.
  • Strengthen the Parish: The good work done every day by the ministries, groups and organizations of Espiritu Santo parish only happens because of the regular and faithful generosity of you, our parishioners. Our hope is that every one of you will make a legacy gift through your will or other estate instrument. It's a wonderful way to bless those good people served by Espiritu Santo in the future by supporting the annual and long term needs of the parish and it's ministries that grow the Catholic faith such as the school.
  • Permanent Commitments: The continuity and purpose of the Legacy Society will be to ensure that the life giving efforts of our ministries continue building the kingdom here on Earth into perpetuity. What better way to give witness of your faith at the very end of your life to your family and friends.

The Legacy Society serves as an informational resource to offer "Lifetime Planning Seminars" programs to assist parishioners in learning more about such important matters as estate, tax and financial planning, elder law, charitable giving, medical directives and living wills to name a few.

Living Out Our Mission

Representatives from various Ministries and Organizations at Espiritu Santo were asked by the Pastoral Council to describe how their group's activites demonstrate the parish's Mission Statement.


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