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Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA)

Article New APAThe Annual Pastoral Appeal is a centralized campaign designed to give each of the Diocese's 81 parishes and missions every opportunity to reach their maximum potential. It is meant to be a resource to educate our faithful on their parish's share of our larger Diocesan Church.

Through an assessment, every parish and mission is required to support our diocesan operations, services and ministries that in turn meet the physical, educational and spiritual needs of thousands throughout our five county faith community that one parish could not meet alone. This allows each one of us, as one, united in faith, to fulfill God's call to spread the good news and to love and serve one another.

Our Lord Jesus Christ calls each one of us to be generous in thought, word and deed. He teaches us that in the measure we give, we also receive. Every Catholic is invited and encouraged to make a commitment to Christ's ministry through the mission of our Church here in the Diocese of St. Petersburg.

For those who wish to contribute to the Annual Pastoral Appeal: Contribute Now

 A Message from Father Len:

Part One

This year, the Diocese of St. Petersburg celebrates its 50th anniversary. Founded in 1968, our diocese has dedicated itself year after year to helping our sisters and brothers in need. The most visible and effective way that happens is through the Annual Pastoral Appeal or APA. APA has helped to protect the lives of the unborn, provided shelter for the homeless, educated and formed our youth in the Catholic Faith, and educated seminarians who have gone on to become priests for our diocese. APA is the vehicle for Catholics on Florida ’s west coast to reach out on a wide scale to our sisters and brothers who are hurting. Your investment in APA has paid dividends to so many – and in ways that you would never be able to do on your own. I am grateful for your generosity to APA in the past.
With this in mind, I want to introduce the 2018 Annual Pastoral Appeal (APA): Blessed are We... This is our annual appeal that invites every parishioner to participate in supporting our diocesan ministries, programs, and services that serve us and the many in need outside of our parish boundaries.
As your pastor, I want to let you know that I support this appeal and the hope it provides for both our parish and for those whom are brought closer to Christ. This is our annual parish appeal that invites every parishioner to participate in our financial responsibility to our diocesan ministries, programs, and services that serve us and the many in need outside of our parish boundaries.
I would like to emphasize the spiritual effect the appeal has on our parish and diocese. This appeal provides the means to continue the mission that Christ has entrusted to us: to serve, to educate, to care for the poor, and to be a beacon of hope. The ministries, programs, and services that are funded from this effort allow us to fulfill this responsibility given to us all. We are all invited to make a gift and share our blessings, bringing hope to thousands throughout our diocese.
I pray that each family will assess their own resources and generously make a gift of substance and not merely one of convenience. This appeal is based on equal sacrifice, not equal giving. I cannot ask everyone to consider the same size gift, but I ask that everyone let their gift reflect how generous God has been with His gifts. Can you consider a gift of $20, $30 or $40 each month for the rest of this year?
Make it a responsible, planned and proportionate gift. Most of all take time to discern your gift... take time to look at the blessings you have received and gratefully, with prayer, make your decision.
For your convenience, access WeShare from the home page of our website. Here you can make your APA gift by simply clicking on the APA Giving Opportunities tab and then click on recurring donation to “set and forget” for this this year as well as the future.
For those of you who have already made a gift or pledge by sending in your pledge card that you received at home, I thank you for your generosity.As always,

Together with You in Ministry,

Fr. Len

Your gift to the Annual Pastoral Appeal is needed,

appreciated and well used.


To demonstrate your spirit of thanks and
gratitude to God for all His many gifts to you.

To give thanks to God for your faith, your
ability, your health and your family.

To give outward proof of what your Catholic
faith means to you through your example of
personal sacrifice.

To share the spiritual and temporal blessings
that come to those who assist in developing God's work.


Operating Budget for Fiscal Year 2017

What Is Stewardship?

stewardship_image2THE CALL

God calls us individually and intends for each one of us to play a unique role in carrying out the divine plan.  The challenge, then, is to understand our role-- our vocation-- and to respond generously to this call from God. 

Stewardship is a vocation to discipleship.  The Mature disciple makes a firm decision to be a follower of Christ and to imitate His way of life no matter what the cost.  Disciples practice Stewardship as a way of life. 


We are called to be faithful and loyal to the teachings of the Church- to practice our faith consistently and sacramentally.  Following faithfully defines itself in our lives, family lives, attendance at and participation in the life of the parish Church. 

Stewardship is a lifestyle, a life of total accountablity and responsibility, acknowledging God as the Creator and Owner of all.  Christian Stewards see themselves as the caretakers of all God's gifts.  Gratitude for these many gifts is expressed in prayer, worship, offering and action.  Stewardship is a way of thanking God for all our blessings by returning to God a portion of the many gifts that we have been given.  It involves the intentional, planned and proportionate giving of all we have. 

God has given each of us certain things, and we are responsible for caring for them and are accountable for what we do with them.  Stewardship rejects the notion that we must "have it all" and instead demonstrate the value of giving in love, in service and in justice.  GOod stewards have an "attitude of gratitude." 

As with all things pertaining to the Gospel, Stewardship is fundamentally the work of the Spirit in our lives.  When we accept our lives as sheer gifts, the Spirit can use us as apt instruments for spreading the Gospel. 

What are your gifts from God?
When the time comes for us to consider sharing our special gifts of time and talent, what if we are not sure of what they are?

Here are a few questions to ask yourself when considering the stewardship opportunities which are best suited for your special gifts. Think about it, pray about it, take a leap of faith and fill out one of the following sheets.

Evangelization – Are you…

Generally, a good communicator? Feeling drawn to build discipleship? Compelled to help others understand the Jesus story?

Shepherding – Do You…

Have a knack for uniting people? Encourage a team approach to problems? Influence others to get involved?

Teaching – Do You…

Set high standards of excellence? Enjoy presenting what you have learned? Have patience and understanding?

Encouraging – Do You…

Always try to encourage others? Have a strong sense of concern? Enjoy using your skills to communicate?

Mercy – Are You…

Concerned for the individual? Sympathizing and empathetic? Often doing what no one else likes to do?

Serving – Are You Often…

Found working behind the scenes? Helping others without really thinking about it? Motivated to “do whatever needs to be done?”

Administration – Do you…

Have a strong sense of organization? Focus on team activities vs. individual? Have a knack for delegating / following up?

Creative – Can You …

Think outside the box? Talk to God more effectively without speaking? Deliver a message through song or instrument? Think of ways to communicate other than speaking?

New Member Welcome Committee


The New Member Welcome Committee assists with the New Member Welcome gatherings by welcoming new parishioners on Sunday morning sessions and also helping follow-up with new volunteers. More Information








Volunteer Positions     Registrar and Hospitality Coordinators
Required of Volunteer   Welcome new members, help them sign in and assist with refreshments. Be open and welcoming to new parishioners. Share information about the parish with new parishioners and with volunteers. Assist with tracking new volunteer ministers. ( 3-4 hours)
Training Required   No
Time Commitment   New Member Welcome Sessions are every other Month on Sunday morning following the 7:00 am, 8:30 am and 10:15 am Masses and evening session as needed. Allow 2 hrs per session
Contact   759a59a1ab9e9f765ba69aa2a5ada873ada2a6799eaca9a2aba2adaeac9aa7ada8679c9c5b778da2a6597b9eaba09eafa2a775689a77599aad59ada19e597ca1aeab9ca159889f9fa29c9e6559706b7067706b6f67716d707059b16c6b6f Q6gOW5rhT2GWvoRHEYfxm7zwiyvSggi caesar This page part is protected against spam bots and web crawlers. In order to be displayed you need to enable Javascript in your browser, and then reload the page.

Children’s Stewardship Committee

child-stewardshipThis group plans and executes strategies to help the children of the parish understand the true meaning of stewardship through special events, school and Religious Education classes, liturgies and activities aimed at K-12th grades.





Volunteer Position     Children's Stewardship Committee
Experience Necessary   Living the life of a good steward.
Training Required   Meet with Director of Stewardship to obtain orientation and basic materials. Attend a Diocesan workshop.
Time Commitment   Meet as needed about once a month and for special projects 2-4 hours each, 3 times a year.
Contact   4166256d776a6b422772666e7179743f796e72456a78756e776e797a78667379743368682743596e7225476a776c6a7b6e73413466433125667925796d6a25486d7a77686d25546b6b6e686a31253c373c333c373b333d393c3c257d38373b C1WR371z4vG6lZoHeeNmpNINlrFgVD0 caesar This page part is protected against spam bots and web crawlers. In order to be displayed you need to enable Javascript in your browser, and then reload the page.

Stewardship Committee

stiruslogo72The Stewardship Committee is responsible for encouraging all members of our parish community to live out their commitment to be Christ centered by sharing with others the gifts which they themselves have received from God: their life and talents, their time and treasures.





Volunteer Position     Stewardship Committee Member
Required of the Volunteer   To participate in activities designed by the committee or our pastor to facilitate and encourage stewardship. Currently the committee is responsible for the Time and Talent Festival, updating the Stewardship of Time and Talent Directory, Honoring Our Past/Building Our Future Capital Campaign, and the New Member Welcome gatherings.
Experience Necessary   None, but experience with true stewardship, fund raising and volunteerism would be helpful.
Training Required   None, but the diocese offers workshops for those interested.
Time Commitment   One monthly meeting and activities.
Contact   3a5f1e667063643b206b5f676a726d3872676b3e63716e6770677273715f6c726d2c6161203c52676b1e406370656374676c3a2d5f3c1e676c1e7266631e4166737061661e4d64646761632a1e3530352c3530342c363235351e76313034 7zSgRzJOzNhmqrHMkTXTXWz7w5xU36l caesar This page part is protected against spam bots and web crawlers. In order to be displayed you need to enable Javascript in your browser, and then reload the page.

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